AIRIS mate is a compact, wide open MRI system which operates at 0.2 Tesla. It is the lightest, top-performing, whole-body system, incorporating a permanent magnet which can accommodate all types of routine as well as special sequences like diffusion as well.

This system can be installed in small rooms as the table orientation is transverse to the magnet.



  1. Variable table position
  2. Dual pillar OPEN design
  3. Easy siting requirement
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Variety of applications
  6. User friendly magnet design
  7. Fast sequences
  8. Fat water separation
  9. Fast reconstruction times
  10. Off centre FOV mechanism
  11. Multiple array coil technology


  1. Magnet field strength 0.2T
  2. Slew rate of 30
  3. OPEN 270 deg dual pillar design
  4. Magnet weight 7.8 tons
  5. Dual 64 bit system architecture
  6. Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)
  7. Fast sequences
  8. Fat water separation
Coronal GE (Gradient Echo) scan of ankle joint scanned
Sagittal T2-weighted (Fast Spin Echo) scan of cervical spine.
Coronal SE (Spin Echo) image of knee joint – excellent soft tissue T1
3D BASG (Balanced Steady State Acquisition with Rewound Gradient Echo
3D GE (Gradient Echo) coronal image of the wrist joint.