The availability of the spares off the shelf is very important in order to minimize the down time of the equipment. Also at times to keep the costing low repairing of few parts becomes compulsory.

At, ASST, we always try to fulfill both the requirements. We have in house experts to repair the Power supplies, Boards & Modules. Otherwise, we have a vast inventory of spares like

  • – Power Supplies (of all ratings)
  • – System & Option software (for C.T. & M.R.I. both)
  • – Hard Drives (loaded/unloaded for C.T. & M.R.I.)
  • – Refurbished X-ray tubes (also heat exchanger separately)
  • – All C.T. & M.R.I. accessories.
  • – P.C.B.s of GE, Toshiba, Hitachi C.T. scanners.
  • – All the spares of Hitachi MRP 7000, AIRIS I, AIRIS II, AIRISMATE including the coils.
  • – Pressure Injectors.

We have strategic partners across globe to offer our customer world-class products and efficient service at an affordable price.

Medirays Corporation, Mumbai is one of our major associates in India.