We are now actively selling GE Signa Series 1.5T Superconductive MRI Scanner. GE MRI Equipment has the largest user base in the world and is considered the preferred choice of Radiologists for advanced problem – solving tools to assist in disease detection and diagnostics.  The GE Signa Series 1.5T MRI machine provides the most advanced capabilities available in MR Imaging .The GE Signa series 1.5 T refurbished MRI Scanners are known for their high resolution brain imaging ,neck and spine imaging at a very very attractive price. Equipped with a proven, short bore LCC K4 magnet; GE Signa 1.5 T offers both single acquit ion and multi slice imaging with exceptional fat and water separation. 1.5 T Short Bore LCC/K4 magnet means zero boil off of precious Liquid Helium. Built for high productivity, the GE Signa series 1.5T MRI machine will enable you to start scanning in just a few simple steps. Like GE CT Scanners, these GE Signa Series 1.5 T Superconductive MRI machines don’t have the service password/codes issues that a lot of other OEMs have. You can be rest assured that your expensive machine will be serviced always without any headache.

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