mri-coil-repair MRI Coil repair can save your significant money off the cost of a replacement coil.

ASST offers MRI Coil repair for:

  1. GE MRI Coils
  2. Hitachi MRI Coils
The coils constitute a very important but very expensive part of the MRI Scanners. The problems encountered in the coil may be of different every time. Few of the problems are listed below
  1. The coil is broken physically.
  2. The locks /connectors of the coils are broken.
  3. The electronic components inside the coil are damaged.
  4. Tuning of the coils are disturbed.
At ASST we always keep a good stock of the connectors and locks. So for such problems can be taken care of at the site only. Physically damaged coils are needed to sent to us for assessment. Especially the Hitachi coils are found mostly cracked from inside. We have OEM like material to replace the inner acrylic sheet at a very reasonable rate. After repairing, we test the coils on a working machine and then only we send coils back to the customer.