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RF System

Transmitter is 4 channel Quadrature with QD MER coil for uniformity of excitation and consistent image uniformity
Scalable DualQuad RF Receiver system provides 4 receiver channels and support for RAPID parallel imaging

Patient Table


  1. Table width: 80cm (31.5 inches)
  2. Table drop: 45cm (17.7 inches)
  3. Gap: 42.5 cm (16.7 inches)
  4. Post to post: 110cm (43.3 inches)
  5. Weight Limit of 500 lbs
  6. Power Driven in 6 directions

Gradient System

  1. Maximum amplitude of 21 mT/m and maximum slew rate of 55 T/m/sec enables high clinical performance
  2. High resolution
  3. Short TR/TE
  4. Support for advanced sequences like SS-DW-EPI

Computer System

  1. Dual 64-bit CPU Architecture
  2. 2 GB of memory
  3. DVD RAM archive
  4. CD Writer creates CD-Roms with embedded PC viewer
  5. Large LCD color monitor
  6. Intuitive Open Windows-based graphical user interface
  7. Comprehensive multi-tasking capabilities

Permanent Magnet

  1. 0.3 Tesla vertical field magnet with active shimming provides high uniformity to support advanced techniques and applications like RF Fat saturation
  2. Self-shielded for small 5G footprint