installation-upgrade Professional installation is critical for the performance and longevity of your system. We offer professional and experienced handling of your project; from site planning to final on-site applications' training of your radiographer. We offer turnkey projects to properly handle your expensive investment. Here are the details involving services we offer:
  1. System Evaluation: This is performed by an experienced engineer prior to the de-installation of the system. A comprehensive site report detailing the performance of the system in comparison to the OEM specification is produced to document the status of the system. This report will also be used to initiate repairs required before the system is even considered for reinstallation.
  2. De-installation: A professional team with all the right tools and test equipment will be on site to start the de-installation. Working hand-in-hand with the sites' contractor to coordinate smooth and safe de-cabling and removal of the equipment. System components are packed and packaged professionally.
  3. Rigging: Magnets and CT systems located on higher floors, in most cases, require the use of experienced rigging services, the use of specialized cranes and/or large fork lifts is very common to locate the system on the truck.
  4. Site Planning: This service usually starts as early as the System Evaluation process. The planning of the new site is very critical to the success of the project specially the MRI. Site plans will be made from your site's actual dimensions, and we are constantly in touch with the contractor at your site to monitor the progress of the work in accordance to the architectural drawings.
  5. Installation: Complete cabling and system power up, ramp and shim service for MRI systems, perform system calibrations in accordance with OEM specification.
  6. System Calibration: Complete system calibration per OEM specifications is performed by our experienced engineers. Full calibrations including Magnet ramping and shimming, eddy currents compensation and gradient calibrations for MRI.
  7. Applications Training: We schedule an experienced CT or MRI technologist to train your technologist(s) for 3-4 days after the system is completely calibrated.
  8. System Warranty: You are ready to use your system and scan your patients. To give you a peace of mind we offer you an optional maintenance agreement to help repair any problems you may encounter with your system. Our maintenance agreements are designed to limit your downtime and to minimize your financial risk. We also offer RF Shielding services for you MRI systems. (Link to go to RF section)

We offer professional services for any or all of the following:

  1. Pre-De-installation System Evaluation
  2. De-installations
  3. Rigging
  4. Transportation
  5. Storage
  6. Site Planning
  7. Pre cooling of GE Magnet
  8. Installation
  9. System Calibration