ct-mri-scanner ASST is located approximately 15 KM from Delhi the capital of India. Our location makes it convenient to ship replacement parts for your CT, MRI and Mammograms on same-day basis. We offer:

Replacement Parts on Exchange basis:

Original OEM CT parts & MRI parts tested and verified operational. Faulty parts are required to be returned to our warehouse as an exchange. These parts should not be tempered with and also no repairing should be attempted on these.

No Exchange:

Replacement MRI Parts & CT Parts on outright basis - no exchange is required.

Service Support:

Our service engineers will install your MRI or CT parts and calibrate your system to OEM specifications.

Technical Support:

When you need a second opinion before replacing a part, we will put you in touch with our technical support team to give you additional support.

Parts Identification:

We are there to answer your questions about parts, parts’ numbers and descriptions. We specialize in CT Parts & MRI Parts for GE, Hitachi, and Siemens. We also offer quality refurbished Sumitomo, Leybold, Balzers cold heads and cold head compressors. Visit our magnet services page for additional details or contact our parts department 24x7 at +919212765302 to inquire about our discounted prices for cold heads and flex lines. We stock replacement parts for the following systems:
  1. Computed Tomography (CT): CT Parts for GE,Hitachi and Siemens CT Scanners
  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): MRI Parts for GE 1.5 T Superconductive MRI,0.2 Signa Profile and Hitachi Airis II,Airis Mate, Airis I and MRP Series MRI scanners
  3. GE & Siemens Mammograms like 600 T , Mammomate 1000,3000 and Nova
  4. Laser Cameras: Printers Parts for Kodak and Agfa Laser Cameras
For all of your replacement or exchange CT & MRI parts needs, please contact us at +919212765302. Ask us about our all inclusive CT and MRI parts warranty