rf-shied-room RF Shield room is the first step towards the artifacts free, high quality images from a MRI. RF shielding for MRI rooms is necessary to prevent RF noise from entering into the MRI scanner and distorting the image. The three main types of shielding used for MRIs are copper, steel, and aluminum. Copper is generally considered the best shielding for MRI rooms. RF shielding should not be confused with magnetic shielding, which is used to prevent the magnetic field of the MRI magnet from interfering with pacemakers and other equipment outside of the MRI room. Professional buildout of your RF Shielding is critital to producing optimum image quality. It is critical for the performance and longevity of your system. We offer professional and experienced handling of your RF Shielding from start to finish. We will install RF shielding for your MRI room and perform complete testing to meet the OEM requirements. We offer turnkey projects to properly handle your expensive investment. Here are the details involving services we offer:
  1. Affordable, Customized Site Planning
  2. Design - Install - Test - Scan
  3. Utilization of the highest grade of structural materials
  4. Reliable, long-term performance
  5. Image quality of your MRI scanner will be optimized.
  6. Complete turnkey projects
  7. Our rooms are designed for GE, Siemens, Philips, and Hitachi MRI systems
  8. Additional discounts if you purchase your MRI system from us

Other RF Shielding services we offer:

  1. Testing of all enclosures and all manufacturers RF Shielding; call us to inspect your existing room for any RF leaks
  2. Evaluation and repair of your RF Shielding as needed, to restore peak image quality to your scanner
  3. Evaluation of RF Shielding if you are upgrading your system
  4. Complete RF Shielding relocation; call us if you decide to move MRI to another location. Let us move your RF shielding too.
Please contact us to request additional details about our services. Or visit our Equipment Sales web page.