magnet-services ASST service team has developed a number of CT, MRI, service training programs. Our engineers have trained over50 field service engineers. This training took place in a class room environment along with hand-on training on a functioning system. Our classes are designed to cross train engineers from one OEM to another in the same modality. We deliver a complete range of courses for service engineers, from basic to expert level. Through training we share our knowledge and years of experience with student engineers. Systems we can train on:
  1. GE MRI 5.x Signa LX platforms
  2. Hitachi MRIs Airis II,Airis Mate, Airis I, MRP series
  3. GE CT ProSpeed, Hi Speed, CTi and Light Speed
  4. GE and Siemens Mammograms
If you have a need for specific training please Contact us with your specifications and we will try to tailor our training program to your need.

Advanced Scan Support Technology GE 1.5 T Magnet Services

We offer a full line of magnet services including the maintenance of your MRI magnet with magnet ramp and magnet shim services. We also offer cryogen fill services including helium boil off tracking. We also do precooling of the Magnets with liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium. Some times because of the distances, it is not possible to transport the Magnet cold, in such cases you need to pre cool the magnet. We have all the necessary infrastructure to do the same. We have done many such precoolings successfully. Our coldhead products are refurbished and tested to operate at extreme temperatures down to approximately 4 degrees kelvin (4 kelvin = -452.47 degree Fahrenheit) or (4 kelvin = -269.15 degree Celsius). We only use OEM specified tools and test equipment to perform the coldhead replacement. Coldheads products we offer are: Sumitomo, Leybold, Balzers. Contact our parts department at +919212765302 to inquire about our discounted rates for fully refurbished MRI coldheads, compressors, and flex lines. We deliver these parts anywhere and offer replacement services at your facility. Our professionally trained engineers will perform the complete replacement and maintenance of your MRI coldhead on-site. We offer warranty on our replacement services as well as on our parts. We also offer magnet cool down and keep-cold magnet storage services in preparation of your system installation. Please visit our system installation web page for more information. Please Contact Us about our comprehensive service agreement for your cold heads and refrigeration subsystem.

Magnet Services

  1. Specialized service tools
  2. Magnet Ramp and Shim
  3. 4K and 10K coldhead systems
  4. Helium & Cryogen fills
  5. Magnet Quench Recovery
  6. Magnet cool down services
  7. Keep-Cold storage