The refurbished GE Signa Excite 1.5 T MRI machine is an 8 channel system introduced as one of the most innovative & versatile MRI Scanner. A used GE Signa Excite 1.5 T provides improved image clarity, enhanced clinical applications and productivity advantages, all within a comprehensive diagnostic platform. GE Excite technology boosts speed and resolution beyond the limit of conventional MRI Scanners. Purchasing a used Signa Excite 1.5 T MRI Machine will enable your practice to offer the advance MRI procedures that simplify the complicated cases. LAVA, PROPELLER, VIBRANT & MR Echo are the exclusive sequences designed by GE to achieve this goal. The GE Signa Excite 1.5 T refurbished MRI Scanner is well known for its high resolution of whole body imaging. Again, your used GE Signa Excite 1.5 T MRI Scanner can be upgraded to higher models like HD, HDx,& HDxt. 


  1. ZERO Helium Boil Off
  2. 1.5 Tesla
  3. CX-K4 LCC
  4. 8 Channel System
  5. 1.5 Tesla
  6. CX-K4 LCC
  7. 33 mT/m Gradient/120 mT/ sec Slew Rate
  8. HP 8000 Computer
  9. 11.0 Software
  10. Echo Planner Imaging
  11. Fast Gradient Echo
  12. Cine
  13. Fast Spin Echo Flair
  14. Time of Flight
  15. Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging
  16. Spectroscopy/Probe
  17. DW EPI
  18. Flair EPI
  19. Smart Prep
  20. SSFSE
  21. Functool
  22. DICOM 3.0
  23. RF Room Shielding


Neuro Vascular Head Coil Multi Channel (8 Channel) , CTL Phased Array Coil (8 Channel),Torso Phased array coil (8 Channel), Quadrature Transmit & Receive Coil, Shoulder Coil, Knee, , General Purpose Flex Surface Coil ,2X3 inch GP Coil, Bilateral Breast Coil