GE CT Scanner
We are selling GE Medical Systems Single Slice and Multi slice CT Scanners on regular basis.GE CT Scanners have many benefits over other OEMs CT Scanners in may respect. Few of them are :  
  • Lower Cost of Service GE CT Scanners generally have lower cost of service . In India,there are a lot more Engineers whi can work on GE CTs than any other manufacturers. That means labour costs are generally lower.
  • Lower cost for Replacement Cost There are a lot more parts providers and parts systems available for GE Systems.The abundance of parts results in lower cost of replacement parts.
  • Substitute X-Ray Tube available for replacement GE CT Scanner X-Ray tube replacement cost is considerably less than other OEMs. This is due to the compatibility of the tubes with the tubes manufactured by Dunlee and Varian.
  • Air Cooled CT Scanners GE CT Scanners are easier to maintain as  the Gantries are air cooled. No need to install a water chillaer or hire a chiller tech for the maintenance.
  • No Password Protection GE CT Scanners don’t have the service password/codes/keys issues that a lot of other OEMs have. Password is a major headache for the service Engineer to maintain the machine.

CT Scanner